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Deluxe Promotion Package
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Ok, How Your Ready For The Big Times, And You Need A Marketing Package That Will Fix Your Needs Right? 
Well Take A Minute And See What RJ Robinson And Associates Can Do For You! 

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R.J. Robinson and Associates now can offer you our Deluxe CD Marketing Plan. This new exciting and complete marketing and promotional plan comes with:



Associate Satellite TV Network

MTV,VH1, BET, Music Channel, Music Choice, Gospel Music Channel, I-Gospel, 30 Minutes of Gospel, TVN, Word Network, Bobby Jones, Gospel TV, Video Wave, world wide Video, Video Diversity, UpFront TV, over 52 Outlets in all, Urban, Jazz and including Hip-Hop outlets as well.


 Satellite TV Network

         CTN (Christian Television Network)

         Direct TV


           (Millions of homes in USA and 118 Countries



Gospel Radio Broadcast Network

           400 Gospel Radio Stations - 110 tracking/soundscan,

      290 no tracking/soundscan

      (Sold as a complete package only)


Our Company's E-Commerce Website 

           Your artist’s CD, or DVD will be place on the site as a

           point of purchase.


Associate Distribution Network

Walgreens, Barnes & Noble,, ToysRUS, Sears, Kmart, Meijers, Trans World Music, Circuit City, Best Buy, AOL, BJ’s Wholeale Club, Blockbuster, Borders, Hastings Entertainment, and more.


Street Teams  

Street Teams are developed on a per market basis; region-wide and nationwide. Services include: specialty stores, bookstores, music retailers, merchandizing, clubs, point of purchase material, and Churches where applicable...and much more.    


Joint Revenue Sharing Program  

R.J. Robinson will work jointly with labels to build their share of their market. R.J. Robinson and its Afilliated Associates has created a “Limited Time Offer” that is comprised of a profit sharing relationship between our companies. 


Low Marketing Cost?

R.J. Robinson's CD/DVD Marketing Plan is designed for record companies with low budgets to promote their Artists. Call us at (248) 979-1107 to discuss your specific needs.


Well, Can We Talk? 


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