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Omololu International Products
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It's Time To Make Some Extra Money using our Omololu Home Party! 
   It's a fun way to make some extra MONEY!


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RJ Robinson and Associates'  Home Party program works like this:

Normally to purchase Omololu products at wholesale you are required to purchase at least one case of 24 units per item, priced at around $120.00 per case or $5 per unit. That's 24 units you must sell in order to make your money back and a profit.

With RJ Robinson's new program you purchase only the products you need to supply your customers with, at wholesale prices!

How the program works:

You simply pass out your product information pamphlet to your customers, which includes product information and the retail pricing of each product.

You place your name and phone number on the front page in the provided box.

Your customers contact only you for their purchases.

You can order products for your customer sales at wholesale prices and sell them to at the retail prices.

You must also include the cost of Shipping and Handling on each of your product orders.

25 Retai Product pamphlets will be included with every order.

You can order any quantity of any item and still receive our special wholesale price on those items.

You can pick up products at our Detroit Distribution Center, once you are a registered distributor with RJ Robinson & Associates.  Or, we can deliver them to your location for a flat fee of $5.00.

Call us concerning our New Omololu Home Product Party Program.

Call (248) 979-1107 today to get started!

R.J. Robinson and Associates has been an Authroized Distributor for over 10 years. 
Call 248-979-1107 for more information on how you can purchase Omololu's all natural products or how you can become an Authorized Distributor with NO Up-Front cost, and making up to 50% profit.
 Call today there's NO up-front cost,
just a lot of profit!