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VideoAd Tek's Products Or Services Request Placement Form

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RJ Robinson and Associates LLC is excited to provide VideoAd Tek remote broadcasting services for distributors of products, or services exceptible to present throughout our VideoAd Tek network.

We understand and recognize that without distribution that reaches people who are ready to purchase with your message, they will never know you exist.

Please bear in mind that our system is new, yet expanding. It's a great time to place your material with a distribution system that we believe will become the number one distributor of African-American and Hispanic, products and services in our nation.

Please complete the form below and provide an overview of the content of your products or services.

If we believe your material is a fit for our VideoAd Tek in-store audience, we will request that you send it to us for review. A $25.00 processing fee is required in order for us to review your products or service request. Please remit your submission along with payment to:

RJ Robinson and Associates LLC
P.O. Box 11560,
Detroit. Michigan 48211


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