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Small Business Promotional Package

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Promote Your Products Across The Nation And The World!

Reach millions of potential customers through our Small Business Marketing Plan.


This is a brief description of the marketing services we are pleased to offer you. Our approach to marketing begins with providing Tier 1 advertising of your product(s).


We have listed below several levels of advertising; hardcopy in magazines and newspapers, radio spots and, broadcast television spots including internet radio and Satellite/CableTV.

We believe that we have a marketing plan for placing your product in front of potentially 500,000 people on any given day. And, combining the internet to reach over 118 million potential customers across the world. Our marketing plan incorporates our affiliate partners to complete this marketing plan successfully.

Step by Step Cross Marketing Approach:

Affiliate partners market your product(s) through their TV Shows, Radio Shows, Magazines, Newspapers, or website.

Your products will be featured on our video and e-Mail blast to 200,000 Churches and Community Groups.

Our website link is placed on Affiliate’s website, or commercials on affiliate’s broadcast Radio Stations and TV Show/s , newspapers and magazines.

We believe that using this cross marketing approach will not only enhance your ability to increase your sales and income, but also create an international and world-wide appeal to consumers throughout different target audiences.

We have contracted with Phalcon Star Newspapers out of Texas, BYOBB TV, Gospel Synergy’s e-magazine and Internet Radio, and Various Radio Stations. Our job now is to market your product(s) to the world!

Please feel free to call us with any questions at  248-979-1107.

We sincerely appreciate your taking time to review this information concerning our Small Business Marketing Plan program.