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Our Affiliate Partner: The BYOBB TV Show

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B.Y.O.B.B.-TV (Bring Your Own Bible Baby)
Host By: The Reverend: Camy Arnett.  Your products or services can be advertised on commercials reaching millions of potential buyers everyday!


byobb TV Show
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CAMY ARNETT, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, experienced his first taste of the entertainment industry while in the pre-med program at the University of Miami.  He answered an ad for “Models Wanted” which led to his participation in several competitions.  In the midst of his many victories, his talents in acting and writing were discovered and very soon rewarded.  While an EKG technician at Jackson Memorial Hospital, the demands of his newfound talents increased and forced a decision that would change his life forever.  At nineteen, with a series of commercials and fashion shows as his only experience, he founded his first company, Camy Arnett Productions.

An entrepreneur at heart, it was not long before Camy Arnett Productions was turning a profit with models and actors of its own.  One of his clients was the Fashion Design Association of Florida for whom he coordinated fashion events.  With a string of personal successes in Miami, the next logical step was New York where two very special relationships were formed.  One was the famed Wilhelmina Agency under the benevolent eye of Dan Deely, the other being his manager Jeremy Ritzer of the then “Feuer and Ritzer Casting”.  To these two men he gives much credit and thanks.

Among his numerous television appearances are Search fro Tomorrow, Miami Vice, Doogie Howser MD, and Star Trek: The Next Generation, to mention a few.  NAACP Best Supporting Actor, and Dramalogue Best Actor Honors are among his awards for his work on the stage.

BYOBB is broadcasted to millions homes in the USA, and 118 countries around the world!

BYOBB is an affiliate partner of RJ Robinson and Associates LLC.



Monday 4:30 PM
WATC - Atlanta TV 57
[Channel 2 - Comcast Cable]

Friday 7:00 PM
Atlanta Interfaith Broadcast [AIB]

Friday 6:30 PM
Christian Television Network [CTN]
Sky Angel

Friday 9:00 AM, 7:30 PM
Saturday 12:30 AM

Shine Television