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RingMaster Rubbing Oil

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Ringmaster Rubbing Oil was created over 50 years ago as a specialty-premium rub for those people who prefer an alternative pain medication that provides deep penetration for minor aches and pains.

Ringmaster is a medicated peanut oil, "a super rub," carefully blended and aged for maximum penetration for stiffness; joint friction from bones rubbing together; tight, sore muscles; and restricted range of movement. All of these problems require a lubricating rub that penetrates, lubricates and medicates without the side-effects sometimes caused by the non-steroidial anti-inflammatory drugs commonly prescribed for arthritis pain.

Ringmaster is a multi-purpose pain reliever that can be used for a variety of ailments. It can be applied directly, with hot soaks, and with wraps. Ringmaster provides quick, temporary relief for minor arthritis pain. Other conditions for which Ringmaster provides symptom pain relief.

When Ringmaster is applied to the affected area you will feel a warm soothing sensation that penetrates deep into the sore joints and muscles providing quick, long lasting pain relief.

Sound too good to be true? Painex Corporation, Makers of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, has meticulously documented over 3000 hours of video and audio testimonials from thousands of people who have experienced relief from many types of pain including arthritis and osteoarthritis to back and joint pain and beyond. In these testimonials, many tell how they have used Ringmaster Rubbing Oil and have been able to stop using canes, crutches and walkers. Included among Ringmaster's satisfied customers are:

  • Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) - Former Heavyweight Champion
  • Emmanuel Stewart - Trainer of some of boxing's greatest fighters
  • Eleanor Roosevelt - Former First Lady

Helps with Menstrual and Pre Menstrual problems.

 We now invite you to join our fast growing national distribution family by becoming a Broker or Wholesaler of the RingMaster product line!

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